Writer, Wizard, Sensei, Boy


Greetings and Felicitations!

You have reached the illustrious blog of David Daniel.  You may have noticed the title already, “Writer, Wizard, Sensei, Boy”, and wondered, why those things?  Is it just a brilliantly clever play on the amazingly complex film “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy”?

No, not precisely.  The title of this blog is what this blog will be about.  I find that the more full my life becomes, the more masks I have to wear to keep up.  This blog is a place for you to hear dispatches from those masks.  It will be written in the form of letters from each mask: Writer, Wizard, Sensei, or Boy.

Posts from Writer will be about my writing.  I am a graduate of the University of Texas with a degree in Rhetoric and Writing, and I am attempting to write and publish several novels currently.  Writing is one of my greatest passions, and posts from Writer will be updates on projects, short stories, or even writing tips as the time allows.

Posts from Wizard will be about my spiritual life.  I believe that spirituality and religion intersect in the domain of the symbols they share, and for me, modern wizardry means developing a functional understanding of the symbols we surround ourselves with, and also creating and remaining faithful to a personal set of symbols that empower me in my life.  Wizard will likely talk about metaphysics, or maybe politics.  He’s kinda the wildcard.

Posts from Sensei will be posts about my professional work as a teacher.  I am a teacher and tutor, mostly substitute teaching for now, and these posts will revolve around funny stories from work, questions for the peanut gallery about problems in education, and work on strategies for success in molding young minds.

Posts from Boy will generally be posts from my inner child.  It is important to me to keep a strong connection to the part of me that collects action figures and stays up late on Wednesday nights to read freshly translated Naruto manga online.  Sometimes I will post about new movies, or video games, or just things that I generally like.  Sometimes I will post reviews of those things.

And finally, sometimes posts will appear like this one that are just from David.  These will usually be posts of a housekeeping nature, or posts that seemed inappropriate to feed into the trope of masks.

I am hoping to have one post by each mask done in the next few days, and I look forward to all of my future readership!



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