Dirty Little [Writing] Secrets: Lesson Two: The Rules of Craft


Dear Reader,

Today continues my unauthorized lessons on the dirty little secrets of writing.  In my previous entry, I discussed the important distinction between critique based around content, and critique based around craft.  In a nut shell, content critique is shit, and craft critique is not so much.  I also, quite sagely, pointed out that learning to critique other author’s writing means you are better able to critique and change your own.

Today, I’m going to talk about the rules to follow to produce critique based around craft.  If you remember these five simple rules, you are well on your way to producing useful feedback about any writing.  The rules are as follows:

Rule #1:     There is no crying in baseball.  Or writing.

Rule #2:     Trust your feelings.

Rule #3:     Show your work.

Rule #4     Ask, and ye shall perceive.

Rule #5:    Take what you can.  Give nothing back.

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