My Current Project

The Marvelous Adventures of Sebastian Smith:  

In The Dungeon of Castle Gallifrax


Had you asked anyone in the sleepy, ordinary village of Hilsbac about Sebastian Smith, they might simply have rolled their eyes and mumbled something about the overly curious boy who lived down the street, whose only notable offense was being just slightly less than normal.

But then, one very important day, Sebastian stole a shirt.

Not just any shirt. It was the shirt of a young man named Roland Baker, whom he had quite accidentally fallen in love with. And on his way from the scene of his crime, he happened to stop in an alley, so torn between guilt and love that he thought he might die.

And I assure you, dear reader, that had he not stopped in that alley he would never have had any adventures at all, marvelous or otherwise. He would never have stolen the forbidden tome of the Sorcerer Queen, or escaped the impossible sound of the Geldrum head. He would never have met the Zombie Princess turned Diplomat, or helped to slay the terrible Cry’ax, or invented the Darklyte box, or fought off the dread Halkar in the company of a Vampire Knight, or served as a Supermodel for the world’s only Goblinoid Fashion Designer, or rescued the Fairy Prince from clutches of a Demon Lord.

And he most certainly would never have been eaten by a Dragon.

But, dear reader, I am very happy to say that Sebastian Smith did stop in that alley, feeling quite miserable about his secret love, and because he did, I have a most wondrous tale to tell you.

Would you like to hear the story?

In lieu of coverart, here are images that have inspired me as I wrote the novel.  None of these images belong to me, and are used here only as examples of my inspiration.

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