Don’t Believe In Yourself

“Just who the hell do you think I am?!”

Dear Readers,

Wizard here.  I thought, post election wrap up, that there were some interesting theories circulating during the inevitable come down off of victory highs and defeat depressions.  And it got me thinking some.  I saw a lot of finger pointing, which isn’t uncommon before or after or during an election.  Fingers just get pointed all the time.  And some of it makes sense.  Sure, Republicans are going to have to change tactics to remain viable in an electorate that is increasingly made up of people they have traditionally demonized or blamed for problems as a way of motivating their own base.  Yes, the Democrats are going to have to find some backbone otherwise they’ll never be leaders, merely the “lesser of two stupidities”.  But during all of this, other questions were bouncing around in my head; questions that didn’t have anything to do with who sits in the White House for four more years.  I had questions about what this elections cycle reveals about humanity, and on a very personal note, what it teaches us about what it means to be human. Continue reading